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What if I Have No Insurance?

Orlando personal injury lawyers
It is always best to carry some form of insurance policy, either via your work, auto or your spouse. However, people without any insurance at all often can still receive medical treatment for injuries if there is a lawsuit pending. The hospitals and doctors simply wait to get paid until there is a verdict or a settlement, and their bills are paid from those funds. As your Orlando personal injury lawyers will tell you. it is critical to save copies of all medical bills, even if they are paid by an insurance company.

Other Possible Insurance Coverage Sources

Even if you do not have any insurance yourself, there may nevertheless be an insurance carrier that is somehow involved in your case. Orlando personal injury lawyers advise that other possible sources of insurance coverage may include:

If you have no insurance, an Orlando personal injury lawyers can investigate your case to determine if there is another possible source of insurance coverage.

Medical Liens

When there is a legal case pending against the person that caused your injuries, doctors and hospitals know that someone else may ultimately be held responsible for your medical bills. Thus, they usually will provide the necessary treatment right away. Most medical providers will ask you to sign a lien form before treating you. The lien form allows them to collect their payment directly from the settlement proceeds or the court verdict.

The Responsible Party’s Insurance Company

Many people think that the other party’s insurance company should simply pay their medical bills automatically if the other party was responsible for the injury. Insurance companies usually don’t operate like that. Orlando personal injury lawyers note that if they pay all of the bills immediately, they might still be faced with a large lawsuit later. When they pay out on a case, they generally prefer to conclude the entire matter completely at that time.

Saving Your Bills

You need to keep copies of each and every medical bill related to your case, even if they are paid for by an insurance company. These include:

Carefully compile all of these bills and ensure that your attorney receives a copy of everything. If bills are missing, your case may settle for less than its actual value. Keep a complete chart of every bill, including the amount, the date, and how it was paid.

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