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A Complicated New List of Motor Vehicle Accident Problems

Orlando car accident attorney
Most people are completely unprepared for a sudden car accident.  A motor vehicle accident can be a terrifying, painful, expensive and life-changing experience.  The good news is that an experienced Orlando car accident attorney can help.

If you are injured in an unexpected accident in Orlando, you may be facing a seemingly overwhelming list of problems. These include:

Handling all of these matters is complicated, and an injured or stressed victim will have trouble navigating this mess all alone.

Contact an Car Accident Attorney in Orlando, FL Quickly

An Orlando car accident attorney can help you through this process.  It is best to contact an lawyer as soon as possible after the accident to prevent mistakes with the police, the insurance company, the court or with the doctors.  Some insurance companies will pressure you to accept a quick settlement before you contact an attorney.  Making important decisions early on, without an Orlando car accident attorney’s advice, can hurt your case in the long run.

What an Orlando Car Accident Attorney Does

For motor vehicle accidents in Orlando, an attorney can help:

  1. Investigate the case.  This includes reviewing police reports and accident reports, interviewing witnesses, hiring an investigator and visiting the scene of the accident.
  2. Contact the insurance company.  The attorney can file, negotiate and follow up on your insurance claim.
  3. Review criminal charges.
  4. Monitor your medical progress and obtain medical reports.
  5. Oversee paperwork from the doctors, the insurance company, the Courts and the police.
  6. Involve other parties in the case, if necessary.

Types of Injuries handled by Personal Injury Attorneys

Broken limbs and other obvious injuries are horrific enough, but some injuries from a car accident do not appear right away.  Back, neck, neurological and soft tissue injuries sometimes emerge weeks or months after the original accident.  You may continue to experience pain even if the medical reports do not show a specific injury.  Insurance adjustors often refuse to compensate victims for such injuries, and some even imply that you are lying.  A Orlando car accident attorney would advice that if the insurance company is not being reasonable, you may need to file a lawsuit against them.

Getting Fair Compensation

You are entitled to receive fair compensation for an automobile accident.  Your compensation can include temporary or permanent disability, disfigurement, loss of consortium, loss of income, physical therapy and medical expenses.  Accepting a low offer from the insurance company without consulting an legal professional first is a risky decision.  You may discover that your settlement amount is not sufficient to cover all of your expenses.

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